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Bossen Technology is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen. We have over 30 years of experience in recycling and processing electronic parts from various countries around the world, returning electronic materials to Hong Kong, customs fines and auctions of electronic parts, factory agent inventory of electronic materials, and inventory. We mainly recycle ICs, chips, returned electronic materials from around the world, customs fines and auction electronic materials, factory electronic inventory, microcontrollers, memory, CPUs, capacitors and resistors, inductors, crystal oscillators, transistors, optocouplers, filters, fuses, relays, potentiometers, communication ICs, Bluetooth chips, GPS antennas, bridges, LED light-emitting tubes, main control chips, microcontrollers, switch sockets, connectors, modules, sensors, optical modules, photoelectric receiving transmitters, Hall elements, communication motherboards, base station host cases, automotive chips, mobile phone chips, tablet computer chips, Apple chips, security monitoring parts, LCD TV parts, set-top box parts, audio amplifier parts, LCD driver chips, motor drive chips, etc. All electronic materials.
Long term high price recycling of electronic materials from factories around the world, inventory of electronic parts from agents, obsolete materials in warehouses, electronic material components returned to port, and chip IC, transistor, capacitor, and resistor components, all electronic materials are cleared from the warehouse. Home service is available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and around the world.
Cash settlement, fair pricing, experienced, safe and reliable.
If you need a free quotation, want to sell, or need to handle various electronic parts, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Recycling brand

The chip brands we recycle include: XILINX, Altera, INTEL, SAMSUNG, AMD, Qualcomm, BROADCOM, NVIDIA, ST, ADI, INFINEON, TI, MEDIATEK, RENESAS, SK HYNIX, NXP, Freescale, MICRON, MICROCHIP, GOODIX, MURATA, MARVELL, MAXLINEAR, Allegro, Agilent, Aimtron, ATMEL, Crystal, CIRRUS, CIRRUS LOGIC, CSR, RFMD, QORVO VIA, Avago, AKM, C-Media, Cypress, C&D, Coexant, C-Cube, Dallas, DIODES, Davico, DAVICOM, Daewoo, Date, Elantec, Electronic, Ericsson, EtronTech, EPSON, ESMT, EUREKA, Exar, Elpida, Fuji, Fairchild, Galileo, General, Genesys Logic, Harris, HMC, Hitachi, Hyundai, I-Cube, IBM, ISD, IMI ITT, ITE, Intersil, ISSI, ICSI, ICS, IMP, IXYS, IDT, IR, IOR, KEC Legerity, Level One, Linfinity, Liteon, LSI, Lucent (AT&T), Linear, Litteluse, Lattice, M-Systems, Media Vision, MOSEL, Mini Circuits, MXIC, MPS, MYSON, MediaTek, MAXIM, Matsuki, Mitsumi, JRC, Nanya, NEC, Opti, O2 Micro, ON, OKI, POWER, PLX, PTC, PMC, Philips, Pericom Semiconductor, PANJIT, Prolifice, Panic Ionic, QT Optoelectronics, Qlogic, RCA, Richtek, RICOH, Realtek, Renesas, ROHM, SEEQ, Seiko, SIS, Silicon, SST, Silicix, Sunplus, Sharp, Sipex, Sanyo, SiTI, Taiwan Semiconductor, Teccor Electronics, Telefunken, Trident, Tsmc, TDK, Techwell, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, Triscend, UMC, UTC, Vi Rata, Vitesse, VLSI, Volterra, VISHAY, Vitec Electronics, WINBOND Wolfson, WSI, Xicor, Yamaha, Zetex, Zarlink Semi, Zilog, Zoran, MICROL, MELEXIS, MSTAR, CORTINA, SKYWORKS, EATON, STC, BOSCH, SPANSION, SANDISK, HITTITE, MACOM, CAVIUM, SPREADTR, CAVIUMNET, CML, UBLOX, ACTEL, C&K, LG, AZUREWAVE, ANALOG POWER, TRIQUINT, COILCRAVE All electronic brands such as AFT, KYOCERA, WURTH, etc.

Worldwide Acquisitions

(Provide simple, fast, and cash back recycling services for customers who require recycling.And the data is absolutely confidential.)

Agency Sales

(recovery of funds, high controllability; shortcomings are long processing time, storage costs), we can give you the highest rate of return.


(the advantage is that more funds are recovered, logistics costs are reduced; the disadvantage is that the processing time is longer), we can flexibly sell, professional logistics processing.


(The advantage is that it can process the returned electronic materials at one time and quickly revitalize the funds; the disadvantage is that the recovery funds are less), we can purchase your inventory at a high price.

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